Esteem People launches new services, website and order management system
Esteem People launched its new website along with some new services like Caricature Design, 3D rendering, etc. The new website is launched to provide more convenient and easy way for the clients to find out the information about all the services we provide.

The new Order Management System is a new offering to server our clients more efficiently and effectively. New system provides the facility to submit and retrieve the orders online anytime and anywhere. Our customers can now check the status of their orders online and know at what stage their orders are and estimated time left for the delivery.

Promotional Products Industry Outlook in 2011
The outlook for promotional products in 2011 is a highly positive one. As trends show, more businesses are realizing that loyalty is a strategic plan, not just a program. Businesses utilize promotional products chiefly for one reason - to increase sales. Promotional products, and their wide-ranging variety of options, serve as a creative tool for businesses to use to target specific customers and promote the company's brand, whilst building a good relationship.

What Others Are Doing
While the tried and true pens, notepads, and magnets are still popular among small and large businesses alike, the times are truly changing. Many companies are now branding things that are creating a buzz because of the current focus. The trend of promotional items based on current events and trends is quite popular.

Customer Engagement
One of the hottest trends in promotional products for 2011 is customer engagement. There is a major shift taking place toward specific, one-to-one engagement strategies that both identify and build relationships with those who are crucial to a business' success.

Going Green
Utilizing eco-friendly promotional products is a savvy way for businesses to show their customers their contribution to a greener, cleaner world and further convey a personal message of corporate social responsibility. Known also as "green goods," these promotional products are made from biodegradable materials, and can include items such as reusable coffee mugs, recycled notepads and planners, tote bags, clothing, plants and flowers, organic material, and more.

Another growing trend pertains to brand consistency. A promotional product has to convey a company's message as well as its overall look and theme. Hence, it is highly important to always integrate the logo and associated colors within the select promotional products.

Giving out a promotional product to customers that serve no functional purpose is not a wise idea, considering the quickly growing trend of late. Products that do more than convey a company's brand or image and that are aesthetically appealing by having some sort of function adds great value to the customer.

"Hot" Items
What businesses decide to give depends undoubtedly depends on overall budgets and capabilities, but it is a fact that the bigger the gift, the bigger the reward in terms of earning brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Promotional Products' Doís and Doníts for 2011

Include your company name, logo, and contact information on products
Get to know the audience personally and the items that they find useful
Make sure that items match a season, event, or business for cohesive promotions
Think about interactive items or ways to get customers engaged in promotions
Give away items that can achieve marketing goals

Give costly items that are not useful
Buy too many products until preliminary results from the campaign are available
Think that pens and coasters are tired and useless. While common, these items are also very useful and well-received
Spend more than you can budget into your marketing plan