Order Entry & Processing

In today’s tough economy, rising infrastructure and overhead costs are affecting the bottom lines tremendously. In order to serve their customers well and simultaneously improve the bottom lines; large scale supplies, distributors and manufacturers are turning towards a low cost offshore service model.

We at Esteem People assist our clients with a dedicated Order Entry Team; who assess their requirements and strategically develop the process for seamless and efficient integration with company’s existing systems and staff. Our team makes sure to handle each and every order on time, every time in the most efficient way to ensure your customers satisfaction.

Order Entry Services

  • • Order Entry of Purchase Orders from Images, Fax, Email, Phone, etc.
  • • Accounts Payable
  • • Invoice Entry
  • • Creating Mailing Lists
  • • Production Information updates in your systems and websites
  • • And Many More…

Order Processing Service

We also assist our clients in processing the overall order by handling end-to-end process.We can handle the entire process of order fulfillment which includes:
  • • Order taking
  • • Purchase order management
  • • Customer database management
  • • Payment Management
  • • Shipping Management
  • • Order fulfillment and status checks
  • • Order fulfillment and mailing services

Esteem People Advantage

  • • Dedicated Order Entry, Fulfillment and Processing Team
  • • Reduce overall operation costs by at least 50%
  • • Highly trained team to handle all orders more efficiently & effectively
  • • Dedicated Project Manager to manage the overall process
  • • Real Time functioning during your working hours
  • • Scalability to handle extra volumes during peak time

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